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How to Make Bagels

Prep your bagels the day before and pop them in the oven first thing in the morning. Easy, peasy.

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Fry Bread

Fry bread is so easy to make, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it.

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Cloud Bread

After cloud bread cools, it has a texture similar to wheat bread. Enjoy cloud bread the same as you would “regular” bread, with peanut butter and jelly, as a BLT, etc. Add seasonings before baking if you wish, like garlic powder, herbs, etc.

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This is a good, basic cornbread made with more cornmeal than flour and just a small hint of sugar. Because it is cornmeal-heavy, it’s fairly dense but the corn flavor really comes out. It’s outstanding hot out of the oven with a little butter and honey.

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Soaked Skillet Cornbread

Corn is a hard to digest grain and soaking the cornmeal for a few hours makes it more digestible and the nutrients more absorbable.

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German Pretzels

This type of pretzel is a popular snack in Germany. They are easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.

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