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Local Produce Palooza

It truly is a farmer’s market at Oryana now! We have an abundance of fresh, local, organic produce from our wonderful farmers, and more is coming in every day.

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Plant Based Guide to Summer

Plant based eating has never been easier. Shop at Oryana for all your summer plant-based comestibles.

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New Cultured Kombucha

Presenting a new flavor of Cultured Kombucha on tap, made especially for Oryana, Lavender Lemonade!

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Summer Solstice Menu

A simple summer solstice menu to inspire you for the official beginning of summer!

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Tasty Ways to Use Cherries

Cherries are on our mind, even though they aren’t quite ripe yet in our area. Be inspired by these cherry recipes that feature both fresh and dried cherries, our region’s signature crop.

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Where Does Your Honey Come From?

Is there such a thing as honey that isn’t really honey? Yes. According to the FDA, if the honey contains no pollen, then it’s technically no longer honey.

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Save The Bees

About a third of our foods, some 100 key crops, rely on pollinators. That means 1 out of every 3 bites of food you eat was pollinated by a bee! Every year, $3 billion of the U.S. economy depends on bees. But bee die off rates are alarming; according to beeinformed.org, Michigan had a total […]

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Versatile Asparagus

Ah, asparagus. It;s one of the first fresh crops of the season and if you’re a veggie lover, you can eat it every day…

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