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Oryana has some great camping and travel food for your late summer and fall travels. Eating well and conveniently has never been easier! Check out a few of our recommendations.

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It’s a Great Time of Year to Be Local

By Clint Mitchell, Oryana Wine & Beer Buyer The weather is ideal — plenty of sunshine, with warm days and cool nights. Spend the day on a beach or boat, sit by a fire at night, and take a deep breath and relax, as the crowds thin, and we start to get the place back to ourselves. But, more than anything, take […]

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Preserving Summer

One of the best parts of summer is having an abundance of fresh food from the garden and farmers market. But that abundance can also cause stress at the height of the season when you have a bounty of beautiful, perfectly ripe garden produce that needs to be dealt with immediately before it goes to […]

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Summer Soups

Cold soups are perfect for steamy summer days when you don’t feel like overheating the kitchen. They are refreshing and rehydrating too, a good thing since we sweat more in the summer. Try a chilled soup with crusty bread or rolls or a sandwich made with filling ingredients for dinner this week. Chilled Beet Soup […]

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Don’t Be Intimidated by the French

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of French wine — Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgundy, Loire, Alsace…what does it all mean? Perhaps surprisingly, you may know more than you think. What makes the labels of French wines tricky – and this goes for most Old World (European) countries – is that they name their wines […]

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How We Choose Our Wine

One of the questions I am asked most often is how I choose the wines we sell. It’s a good question, as my buying guidelines are a little looser than the rest of the store.

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Choosing a Sunscreen

Choosing a sunscreen can be confusing. Many drug store brands contain ingredients that are best avoided. Check our guide to choosing the best one…

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Strawberries are Here!

It’s time to celebrate! The strawberries are here, courtesy of Ware Farm in Bear Lake! Strawberries are such a colorful, vibrant, juicy arrival in the store and it’s hard not to gorge on them. Strawberries with shortcake is a traditional way to enjoy the red beauties but I am partial to moist, flavorful pound cake. And, of course, real, lightly-sweetened whipped cream! Joy of joys!

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