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Every Day is Earth Day

At Oryana, we have always been looking at our operations through green-colored glasses. One of the seven cooperative principles is ‘Concern for Community’ and we take this principle seriously.

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2022 Oryana General Ownership Meeting

2022 General Ownership Meeting – As a community-owned grocery co-op, our owners have a say in what we do and how we do it. Voting is the connection between you and the strategic direction of our co-op.

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Understanding French Wine

By Lisa Perrine Brown, Oryana Wine & Beer Coordinator For many people, France may resonate as the birthplace of wine. The imagery of sitting outside a French café surrounded by bread and cheese while sipping on a glass of wine (assumedly with the Eiffel Tower somewhere in the background) is iconic. French wine has a […]

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Amy’s Kitchen

As Owners and shoppers who value transparency, we at Oryana would like to address some recent concerns raised about Amy’s Kitchen.

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Kid Friendly Recipes

If picky eaters abound in your household, we have a few recipes that will appeal to everyone, kids and adults alike.

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Love Your Pet Day

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day! We love our furry friends that come visit us and our own pets of course, too.

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Game Day Recipes

Game Day Sunday is the second biggest food celebration after Thanksgiving! Make your gathering extra delicious with one of our recipes.

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