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Turkeys From Oryana

Fresh turkeys available starting Saturday, November 21. Frozen birds available now.

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Countdown to Thanksgiving

Haven’t started planning Thanksgiving yet? Fear not! There’s plenty of time to get organized for your big feast.

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Your First Thanksgiving at Home

If this is the first time you’re cooking for Thanksgiving, follow our guide for a flawless, wonderful meal with your family.

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Thanksgiving Desserts

Top off your Thanksgiving meal with the perfect homemade dessert. Here you will find something that might just become a family favorite!

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Duerksen Turkey Farm in Business for Over 40 Years!

Oryana has been working with the Duerksen Farm for 12 years now. They have reached an incredible milestone, 40 years in business! We caught up Rick and Sue Duerksen to learn more about how things have changed over the years as they have grown and expanded their offerings. Here’s what they have to say…

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Natural Digestion Remedies

If you have overindulged this holiday season, here are some natural ways to soothe an upset digestive system.

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Thanksgiving at Oryana!

Oryana is cooking for you this Thanksgiving! And, we’ve got the best selection of turkeys in town including local and organic.

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