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Respectful Summer Foraging

As we explore what wild plants can offer us, it’s equally important to ask what we can offer them. As science catches up with ancient indigenous wisdom, we are beginning to understand the sentience of plants and their ability to perceive and respond to their environment.

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Summer Cheeses from Oryana

Get your summer snacking and cheese boards off to a great start with some fantastic new and old favorite cheeses from Oryana. Check out the cheesy goods… New Summer Cheeses* Dragon Handcrafted Cavern Ruby – Cavern aged Welsh red leicester a nutty taste, firm texture and distinctive deep red colour which comes from the addition […]

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Tuna Tasting

Is there any difference in taste between different tunas? We did a taste test to find out.

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It’s a Farmer’s Market at Oryana!

The produce department is already filling up with local produce, much of it organic, from our fantastic local farmers. This list changes daily but here is what we have this week.

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Cocoa Shortage Looming

We recently learned that the cocoa industry is currently in crisis and as a result, the price of chocolate will most likely rise dramatically in the weeks ahead.

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The Importance of Native Plants

Native plants are critical to restoring ecosystems and biodiversity. Learn exactly why you should avoid planting non-native, and especially invasive plants and plant natives instead.

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How to Pop Amaranth

Amaranth is a nutty tasting gluten-free grain. It’s a tiny, tan-colored seed that you cook similar to rice, and that makes a good porridge. Amaranth can also be popped, just like popcorn, and then eaten like cereal or added to yogurt or granola.

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Meatless Easter

Let the vegetarian deliciousness flow this Easter with an easy entree or pick up ready-made quiche from our kitchens.

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