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How to Pop Amaranth

Amaranth is a nutty tasting gluten-free grain. It’s a tiny, tan-colored seed that you cook similar to rice, and that makes a good porridge. Amaranth can also be popped, just like popcorn, and then eaten like cereal or added to yogurt or granola.

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Meatless Easter

Let the vegetarian deliciousness flow this Easter with an easy entree or pick up ready-made quiche from our kitchens.

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Delicious Food Writing with Greenspire School

Writing is hard work as any writer or student can attest. A few students from Greenspire School in Traverse City tried their hand at the genre of food writing and asked if we would critique and publish their pieces. It is with pleasure that we present the aspiring writers’ food essays for Oryana readers. Enjoy!

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2024 General Membership Meeting

All owners are welcome to attend the annual Membership Meeting on Thursday, April 18. Dinner starts promptly at 5:30 pm, followed by the business meeting at 6 pm. 

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Hidden GMOs in Personal Care Products

Oryana’s product buying guidelines prioritize non-GMO Project certified products and this includes body care and wellness products. Discerning GMO ingredients can be very challenging as their presence is often deceptive.

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Let the Cheese Madness Begin!

Learn all about Cheese Madness and how you can participate! Fill out a cheese bracket and then come in and vote for your favorite cheeses!

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Dinner for Two from West & 10th

If you haven’t tried our Dinners for Two to-go yet, check it out the next time you shop. This is a delicious, convenient option for dinner when you don’t have time to cook or just don’t feel like it.

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Food Co-op Symbols Explained

When you shop in a food co-op or peruse the Co+op Deals flyer, you’ll notice symbols meant to give you more information about a product. These are helpful if you’d like to prioritize brands or products that align with certain values or quality standards.

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Black-Owned Vendors

In honor of Black History Month, we recognize a few black-owned Wellness vendors whose products we carry.

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