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Host Gifts from Oryana

The holidays are a lovely time of socializing and gathering in the homes of friends and family for some holiday good cheer. It’s always nice to bring a small gift for the host in gratitude for their efforts. Here are some suggestions for nice, small gifts you can get from Oryana.

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Oryana Giving Tree

Once again we are participating in Child & Family Services holiday gifting program with our giving tree.

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Oryana Thanksgiving Catering

Relax and let Oryana’s Cafe do the cooking! Enjoy a worry-free holiday gathering with our ready-to-go side dishes and baked goods, all made in-house from the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. Just heat, eat, and enjoy!

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Festive Pear Desserts

Everyone thinks of apples for winter baking, pies, crisps, etc. but pears are delightful in desserts where you normally plan on using apples. Here are a few easy, elegant pear desserts you might want to try for your holiday gatherings.

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Thanksgiving Meat Alternatives

Enjoy a wonderful vegan holiday with a scrumptious meatless entree from Oryana. Check out what we have for you and your vegan and vegetarian guests.

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Duerksen Turkey Farm Celebrating 40 Years in Business!

Oryana has been working with the Duerksen Farm for 12 years now. They have reached an incredible milestone, 40 years in business! We caught up Rick and Sue Duerksen to learn more about how things have changed over the years as they have grown and expanded their offerings. Here’s what they have to say…

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How To Make Citrus Ornaments

Sliced, dried citrus rounds make beautiful, natural holiday ornaments and are relatively easy to make. They are especially lovely when the light shines through them.

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Thanksgiving Planning – The Easy Version

Thanksgiving get-togethers don’t need to be fancy or stressful. Whether it’s just the two of you or your entire big family, there are plenty of simple but delicious options for a festive meal. Plus, your co-op can help you with organic ingredients, or heat-and-eat holiday meals, side dishes, and baked goodies. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

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Recycling at Oryana with Terracycle

We are now accepting razor blades of all brands and their packaging. Our local Brownie Troop 4814 has organized this, along with the dental product waste and snack bar wrapper collection.

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