Join the Co-op

Becoming a member at Oryana has incredible benefits such as valuable savings all year long and a voice in your co-op’s decisions. If you would like to own part of a thriving, local business, visit us in person at our Customer Service desk to fill out a simple form and your benefits will start immediately. And may we be the first to say, “Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!”

Filling out this form and submitting your equity payment will make you an Oryana member for one year from the date of submission. A membership payment consists of a $15 equity payment and a $5 administrative fee. If at any time in the year, you wish to cancel your membership, your equity payment will be returned to you.

Each membership can be used by the household (meaning the benefits can be shared by those living at the same address), but each membership receives only one vote for the Board of Directors. Partners or eligible children (aged 16 and up) in the same household are welcome to purchase their own membership, thus receiving their own benefits and a vote.

For more information on your rights and responsibilities as a member, you can read our full bylaws.