Recipes: Gluten-Free

Cloud Bread

After cloud bread cools, it has a texture similar to wheat bread. Enjoy cloud bread the same as you would “regular” bread, with peanut butter and jelly, as a BLT, etc. Add seasonings before baking if you wish, like garlic powder, herbs, etc.

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Almond Delights

This easy cookie is not only delicious, it’s also gluten-free, with a crisp exterior and chewy interior. You can omit the chocolate if you want, but who would do such a thing!?

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Lebanese Slaw

This is a simple and refreshing slaw recipe that includes a mix of fresh herbs. If you have any zaatar seasoning, a teaspoon or so would be perfect here.

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Sopa Azteca

Tortilla soup is a comforting, easy Mexican soup to make on a weeknight. Roasting the vegetables brings out a luscious, caramel flavor and offers a deeply satisfying flavor profile. This recipe makes 4 servings.

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