Oryana’s Staff Flu Program

Oryana, our co-op, helps you this flu season!Oryana’s vision is to have a healthy staff – and with a healthy staff comes a healthy shopping environment for our owners and guests. During the upcoming flu season Oryana is pleased to provide an additional 20% discount on some selected products that will help keep you healthy […]

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Keeping a Well Stocked Pantry

Keeping your pantry stocked with ingredients you will use on a regular basis makes cooking from scratch easy and convenient. After the initial cash outlay for items like a bottle of apple cider vinegar or olive oil, you will be ready, after shopping for main ingredients, to whip up your favorite creations. Here are the […]

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Back to School Food & Supplies

When it comes to back-to-school eating, Oryana has plenty of great options for easy lunch and after school snacks as well as healthy breakfast options and sustainable food storage solutions. Here are just a few of the many products that you may find helpful and/or tasty for your kiddos (or yourself.) Soyoung Lunch Boxes: Inspiring […]

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Vegetarian Food for Dogs – Is it Safe?

Statement from Dr. Melling: It is not surprising that some pet parents have expressed concern over my plant-based diet for dogs class at Oryana. Many of us feel very strongly about the food choices we make for ourselves and our pets. Our feelings about diet are often as sensitive a topic as religion and politics! […]

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