Remembering Sandi

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By Steve Nance

I cannot say enough about Sandi McArthur. My wife Robin and I were honored to have known Sandi (and her husband Jeff) for years as dear friends, co-worker, and part of the intentional community, Telford Farm, that she and Jeff helped create.

Sandi was truly one of the most caring, compassionate and humble people I have ever known. She was always thinking about how to serve others, improve our region and planet, and was action oriented; she always walked her talk. Oryana and our community were blessed because of Sandi’s love for helping folks live a healthy life, which led her to share her passion and knowledge of healthy food, nutrition, the cooperative model, and the power of kindness her whole life and especially as she spent years at Oryana as our Outreach Director.

So many who knew Sandi would share that she was the conscience of the co-op. She was never afraid to speak her mind – but always with kindness and respect, but followed by, “That’s my story, and I am sticking to it!” She also could had a quick sense of humor that somehow put things in perspective while also easing tensions…and it was often at her own expense.

To say Sandi will be truly missed is an understatement. It is a cliche, but, “They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.” 

The world is indeed a better place because Sandi was in it and did her work, served the community, showed us all how to be better humans, and to follow her lead to give more than we take. We love you Sandi.

Steve and Robin Nance