Produce That Will Stay Fresh For A Long Time

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You’ve probably noticed something happening at Oryana right now: All the bags of frozen produce and canned vegetables are disappearing like crazy. With all the uncertainty happening now, everyone’s been stocking up with foods they know will last awhile. But don’t overlook the fresh produce section, because there are several things you can purchase that will keep for a long time if you store it properly.

Cabbage – Red and Green

Cabbage is high in Vitamin C and K and is a great vegetable to have on hand. It will stay fresh in your crisper drawer for many weeks. The green reusable produce bags are ideal if you can find them, but a regular plastic bag is good too. If you use only some of the cabbage, the cut end may get a little brown, but you can just trim that when you want to cook it again. Make a nice slaw, some hearty soup, roast it in the oven, or braise it. Or try making your own sauerkraut.


Fresh apples will also last for weeks in your refrigerator. They do well in green produce bags or regular plastic bags with a couple small holes punched in them. Even if they lose their crispness for fresh eating, you can sauté them for a pancake or waffle topping, make an apple crisp, or transform them into apple sauce.


Carrots (and parsnips) are sturdy, long-lasting vegetables that will be happy in your crisper drawer in a plastic bag for several weeks. Don’t peel them ahead of time but do trim the green tops. You can braise or roast your carrots, or add them to soup or stew. Try these yummy carrot cake pancakes.


We have plenty of potatoes and sweet potatoes and they are happy to sit in your dark, cool pantry for a month or so. (They do not want to be stored in the fridge. A cool basement, pantry, or root cellar is preferable.) Bake them, make potato wedges, mashed potatoes, or potato soup. Try these potato herb foil packets.


Beets are a lovely addition to any meal because they add such a great punch of color. Store your beets in a green plastic bag or regular plastic bag with a couple small holes punched in the bag, in the crisper drawer in the fridge. They will keep for a month. Make some quick pickled beets or some chili.

Winter Squash

Winter squash has a thick skin, which helps it stay in good shape for months if stored in a cook, dark spot. Roast it whole, cut it up and roast it, or make soup.