Farmer’s Market Salad

  in Recipes, Salads, Vegetarian

Celebrate summer’s fresh bounty with a salad showcasing colorful local veggies. This salad is one of countless combinations you can create depending on what’s available seasonally. Make a salad the starring attraction of your meal, revel in how good it tastes and beautiful it looks, and that it didn’t travel very far to get to your plate. For Oryana, we consider our local farms to be within 100 miles.

Lettuce or greens for the base
Asparagus stalks (or green beans, or broccoli, etc.)
Avocado (not local in N. Mich. but complements any salad)
Onion, any mild version
Beets, roasted, boiled, or pickled
Fresh herb sprigs
Sunflower seeds (or any nut or seed)
Feta cheese (or goat cheese, Parmesan cheese, Asiago cheese, etc.)
Ranch dressing

  1. Roast or steam the asparagus (or beans or broccoli).
  2. Cut remaining veggies any way you like. Arrange veggies artfully on a plate and sprinkle with nuts and cheese. Serve with ranch dressing on the side.