Our Local Vendors – Opalcap Mushrooms

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Opalcap founder Jackson Anderson

Opalcap, located in Traverse City, grows a variety of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. They grow the mushrooms on up-cycled brewer’s grain from Traverse City-area breweries. Some of the culinary mushrooms they grow include numerous varieties of oyster mushrooms such as blue, yellow, pink, king, and pearl king, in addition to lion’s mane. Opalcap also grows reishi, cordyceps, and turkey tail medicinal mushrooms.

The company collaborates with other local businesses to create a truly circular process.

“Our operation takes a locally sourced waste product – brewer’s grain – and up-cycles it into a nutritious food product, accessible year round. What’s more, the by-products of our operation get turned back into soil by our partnered composters, providing a soil amendment for local farmers to continue their grow cycle. Waste doesn’t exist in nature – we’re taking steps to live and operate by the same principle.”

Earthen Ales, North Peak Brewing Company, and Right Brain Brewery provide the spent grain. Opalcap works with Telford Farm in Leelanau County and SEEDS, providing them with mushroom by-products for soil amendments.

“Be sure to scan the QR code on the package for a quick recipe made by us and the Cooks House of Traverse City for the mushrooms in your box,” said Jackson. “When you’re done, remove the plastic film from your packaging and recycle or compost the cardboard box to reduce your footprint.”