Oat Milk

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1 cup rolled oats
4 cups cool filtered water
large pinch sea salt

  1. Place oats, water and salt a large bowl and soak overnight covered* with a cloth.
  2. Drain the oats and blend with 4 cups water and pinch sea salt until smooth.
  3. Strain oat liquid through a fine sieve, cheese cloth, or nut milk bag (Oryana sells nut milk bags) into a bowl.
  4. Store in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator. Keeps for about 5 days.

Note: You can flavor your oat milk with cinnamon, vanilla, honey, etc. Enjoy in smoothies, baked goods, with cereal, etc.

*If you want your oat milk quicker, you don’t have to soak the oats overnight. You can just toss in the blender and blend away. But soaking makes it more nutritious and digestible.