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Easy Weeknight Meals

With (some hybrid version) of school returning, we offer a few fast, delicious recipes to make your weeknights a little easier. Enjoy!

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A Visit to Light of Day Tea Farm

We paid a visit to one of our local vendors, Light of Day Organic Tea Farm in beautiful Leelanau County to see what founder Angela Macke is up to these days…

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The Quick Pickle

You don’t need any special canning equipment to make quick pickles, plus you can pickle lots of veggies besides cucumbers.

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Cooking with Lemons

Lemon perks up so many dishes from soups to meats to desserts. Lemon is used extensively in other cultures such as Greece but is underappreciated in American cuisine…

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Fall Cheese Picks

Summer is a great time to enjoy some delicious cheeses. We just happen to have a great selection at both locations.

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Top Immunity Boosters for Kids

Helping your child maintain a robust immune system is important year-round but especially so in fall and winter when colds and flu viruses are more prevalent.

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2019 Co-op Impact Report

Food co-ops were designed from the very beginning to be inclusive, democratically-run, and environmentally-conscious businesses. Sure, they sell food and household products like other grocery stores but what sets co-ops apart from their traditional competitors? A great deal!

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September is National Family Meals Month

About 50% of American families rarely have family dinner. Decades of research have shown that children who regularly eat dinner with their families at home do better on a number of health measures.

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Choosing a Sunscreen

Choosing a sunscreen can be confusing. Many drug store brands contain ingredients that are best avoided. Check our guide to choosing the best one…

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