Colloidal Silver Update

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As a locally-owned cooperative grocer, Oryana is committed to the health and well-being of the community. We strive to make decisions every day that positively impact the people we live with and serve. Following our recent feature on colloidal silver, we want to provide our shoppers with additional information about how the standards we have in place to ensure the safety of the products we carry allow us to sell colloidal silver products.

Professionally-made colloidal silver products made with high-quality ingredients are safe to consume when used as directed. As with all wellness products, risks can arise when usage directions are not followed, and we encourage our shoppers to ask our knowledgeable wellness team whenever questions arise. The colloidal silver products we carry at Oryana are NASC and NSF certified, which assures that they have been tested and are in compliance with regulated safety measures.

Our colloidal silver products are in high demand, and we strive to provide what our shoppers are looking for. It may be the case, however, that certain populations will decide to avoid the colloidal silver products we carry, and that’s okay! We encourage our shoppers to continue making informed decisions that support their individual needs and lifestyle.