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Oryana Natural Foods Market


Gluten-Free Shopping at Oryana

Oryana is THE place to shop for gluten-free products. We carry the best selection in town of a huge variety of packaged foods. Many manufacturers now state right on the label whether their products are gluten-free, making shopping much easier. To find these products, just look for the red shelf tag.

Some of the gluten free products we carry include:

frozen entrees
frozen desserts

Some Likely Sources of Gluten:

Unless the label says "Gluten-free," the following products should be avoided: soy sauce, salad dressings, gravies, sauces, marinades, soups, bread crumbs, reduced fat products, processed meats, ice cream, ready-made meals, candies, beer, pasta

Simple guidelines for gluten-free shopping

  • The fresher the food, the more likely it’s gluten-free.
  • The more processed the food, the riskier it is for celiacs.
  • The greater the level of convenience, the more likely that the product contains gluten.
  • It’s better to buy the ingredients and assemble the dish yourself than to buy something that's been boxed, sealed, or precooked.

Gluten-Free Foods Available for Special Order from Lake St. Kitchen

 Stop by Customer Service to place your order. Items are also available in the bakery/deli cases on a rotating basis.*

Pumpkin Pie $14.99 each
Pecan Pie $16.99 each
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie $29.00 each
Cheese cake, whole $30.00 each
Apple praline pie $14.99 each
Quiche $10.99 each
Bread $8.99 each, flaxseed, farmhouse and raisin
Cake 1/2 sheet, chocolate, lemon $30.00
Bread pudding $2.99 each
Granola bars, Peanut butter bars by the pound, price varies
Whole vegan peanut butter pie $23.99
Three cheese pizza $10.50 each
Rice pudding $2.99 each

*The kitchen is not certified gluten free as we bake with wheat flour in the same space.


Gluten-free Sandwiches at Lake Street Cafe

You can request any sandwich to be made with gluten-free bread!



Who Should Eat Gluten Free?

If you're wondering whether you should avoid gluten, read more about the difference between celiac disease, gluten allergies, and gluten intolerance.

List of suggested snacks for children with multiple allergies including gluten-free