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Dairy Free

Dairy-Free Foods at Oryana


Oryana is a great place to shop for dairy-free products. We have a wide variety throughout the store and our product selection changes, improves, and grows weekly. Look for products that say Vegan or have a V on the package or say Kosher Parve as these are dairy-free products. Read the labels as all products that contain any of the top 8 allergens will have an allergy alert on the label. Many products also carry a warning if it was made in a facility with these top 8 potential allergens even if the product itself does not contain them.

Some Hidden Sources of Dairy:

Watch out for these dairy pseudonyms: Caseinate, ammonium casienate, calcium casienate, sodium casienate, potassium casienate, casein, rennet casein, milk solids, milk proteins, whey, whey protein, lactate, lactose, lactoglobulin, lactalbumin, galactose, acidophilus milk, artificial butter, butter solids, ghee, malted milk, sour cream, half and half, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, whipped cream, goat milk, kefir


Dairy-free foods available at Oryana

This list is subject to change. Please visit our store and feel free to ask for assistance in finding dairy-free products:

Alternative Milks: Silk Almond Breeze, West Soy, Eden Soy, Pacific Milks, Rice Dream, Coconut milk

Dairy free Spreads: Spectrum Spread, Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread, Spectrum Organics Vegetable Shortening, Vegan Buttery Sticks

Yogurts: Ricera yogurts, Whole Soy yogurt, Silk yogurt, Wildwood Probiotic Soymilk, coconut yogurt

Frozen Deserts: Natural Choice Sorbets/Fruit Bars, Frozen Good Karma Deserts, Rice Divine, Julie’s Sorbet Bars, Sweet Nothing Fudge Bar, coconut sorbet

Dairy Substitutes: ZenSoy Puddings, Tofutti Sour cream and Cream cheese

Cheese: Vegan Rella Galaxy Nutritional Food,s Vegan Cheese & Casein and Lactose Free Rice Cheese, Eat in the Raw Parma Cheese, Vegan parmesan flavored cheese, Vegan Gourmet Cheese

Prepared Mixes: Namaste baking mixes, Roads End Organics Dairy Free Mac & Cheese and Shells and Cheese Organic Packaged Mashed Potatoes

Cookies/Crackers: CherryBrook mini chocolate chip and fudge brownie cookies, Nana’s Dairyfree/Eggfree cookies, Edward and Sons Crackers

Frozen foods: Ians chicken nuggets, fish sticks and corn dogs, Foods For Life Cluckphrey and Moophrey nuggets and patties

Bars: Lara Bars, Pure Fit bars, Pure bars, Kind Plus Bars, Fruit Fast, Organic Food bars, Kids Plus Bars, Cliff Nectars

Chocolate: Tropical Source DF chocolate bars and DF chocolate chips, Enjoy Life DF chocolate chips

Meats: Applegate Farms Stadium Beef Hotdogs, Uncured Beef Hot dogs (Organic and Antibiotic Free) Uncured Turkey Dogs, Chicken and Apple, Chicken and Maple, Chicken and Sage Breakfast Sausage Garrett County Natural Turkey Franks, Uncured Beef Franks and Turkey Andouille Sausage



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