Wine & Beer for Tailgating

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It’s tailgate time! And while there’s nothing better than a cold beer on a warm day at season’s start; those warm days are fleeting, especially here in Michigan. By game four, it might be time to reach for wine.

A brisk day in the 50s keeps your wine, white or red, just the right temperature. And whether it’s steaks, chops, wings, even brats, there’s a wine to match.

Light whites (or rose) with sausages, salads and appetizers; medium-bodied reds with barbecue chicken and pork; and full-bodied reds with steaks or burgers. Economical wines — we’re tailgating, after all — are ideal, as are wines a little bit lower in alcohol.

Now, for some of you, football means beer. And that’s OK, we have that too. Octoberfest seasonals and amber ales are game-day crowd pleasers.

So, for game day, Saturday or Sunday, here are some of our favorite  picks:

  • Jacob’s Creek Moscato (South Eastern Australia); $5.99
  • Lucky Star Pinot Noir (California); $9.99
  • Farmhouse Red Blend (Sonoma, California); $10.99
  • Mercer Canyons Red (Columbia Valley, Washington); $11.99
  • Bells Octoberfest Beer (Kalamazoo); $10.99
  • Manitou Amber Ale (Traverse City); $9.99