Wheat Substitutes

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Here are some convenient substitutes for gluten containing ingredients when you are avoiding gluten.

Oats in place of breadcrumbs

If you need breadcrumbs in a recipe, for example in a meatloaf, use ground up oats instead. Give them a quick whir in a food processor to grind them up. Oryana also carries gluten-free breadcrumbs. Or you can use nut flour, such as almond flour.

Coconut Aminos in place of soy sauce

You can get gluten-free soy sauce but salty, savory coconut aminos are also a nice substitute for soy sauce. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos is also a tasty alternative.

Arrowroot or cornstarch in place of all-purpose flour as a thickener

You can easily replace flour with cornstarch or arrowroot in a recipe that calls for flour to thicken a sauce or fruit mixture. Just remember to use about HALF the amount of cornstarch or arrowroot.

Cauliflower for couscous

Finely chopped cauliflower makes a fine substitute for couscous. Make sure you don’t overcook the cauliflower after you’ve ground it up in a food processor or finely chopped it. It should still have a little bite to it.

Alternative noodles for wheat pasta

Oryana carries a wide variety of gluten-free noodles and pastas including rice noodles, kelp noodles, shirataki noodles, and bean-based pasta, or you can make zoodles by spiraling a zucchini.