What to do With Broccoli Stalks

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Fairly often, in the produce department, we observe customers pick up a bunch of broccoli, snap off the stalks, and toss them back on top of the other broccoli, walking off with just the broccoli tops. What a shame because those broccoli stalks are perfectly good to eat; they are sweet, crunchy and delicious!

Broccoli stalks have a tough exterior that needs to be peeled but inside is tender broccoli that’s delicious and versatile. Use a sharp paring knife or a peeler to take off the tough outer layer of the stalk. Then simply chop up the inner part and cook it as you would cook the florets. Here are some other ideas of what to do with broccoli stalks:

  • Cut into batons (sticks) and use on a crudité platter with dip
  • Shred and use to make a unique slaw. (Here is a nice broccoli slaw recipe.)
  • Chop and add to a salad
  • Steam, chop up finely, and give a little to your dog. Broccoli, in small amounts, can be a great supplement to your dog’s regular food. Here is more information about feeding veggies to dogs.
  • Make broccoli soup
  • Slice and add to a stir-fry