Oryana Valentine Gift Guide

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Looking for a sweet gift for your sweetheart or friend? Look no further because we have some nice things to check out. We carefully select our products from companies that value ethical and fair trade practices and sustainability, so you know you are supporting worthy causes if you shop for your gifts at Oryana.

Salt Lamps

25% off thru Valentine’s Day, Evolution Salt Lamps are made from beautiful pink Himalayan salt. Perfect for adding a lovely, calming pinkish orange glow to any space.

My Big Dipper Candle Tins

Sweet little reusable tins filled with either 100% beeswax or beeswax and soy wax. The wicks are 100% cotton and the candles come in unscented or a variety of aromatherapy blends.

Organic Bath, Body, & Massage Products

Relax and unwind with with a spa experience with your sweetie. Choose carefully selected healthy, high quality massage oils and bath products to not just relax but to make sure you’re only using safe products on your skin, the largest organ in your body!

Nemat Amber Perfume and Oils

Nemat Amber perfume and oils offer a clean soft, amber note, and its subtle fragrance will linger throughout the day. Our most popular perfume.

Mandala Wooden Jewelry

Mandala wooden earrings are made with sterling silver and sustainably sourced wood in the U.S. The company uses 90% recycled display cards and the laser-cut wood is extremely light weight.

Good Clean Love Products

Good Clean Love products always use natural ingredients and are packaged with eco-friendly materials. Good Clean Love’s mission is to increase the awareness and the experience of love in the world, and so they support women’s health and education locally and globally.

Sunbeam Candles

The Sunbeam company’s electricity comes from 100% renewable sources! The candles are made with 100% beeswax and non-toxic dyes, and are hand-poured & hand-dipped. The perfect gift for a friend or sweetheart.

Boho Gypsy Jewelry

Handcrafted in India, Annahmol is a line of jewelry for the stylish and self-actualized woman. With stones carefully hand selected by designer Annah Chakola, each piece tells a unique story. By preserving the raw essence of vibrational semi-precious stones, each piece is transformed into wearable art by artisans’ hands whose traditional craftsmanship is preserved through sustainable partnerships with Annahmol. 

Life Factory Wine Glasses

Stylish wine tumblers with colorful silicone sleeves that allow you to keep a good grip. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a nice wine (from Oryana of course) and drink a toast in style! Dishwasher-safe and BPA & BPS Free.

Nag Champa Incense

This is a traditional Masala incense. Hand-rolled from the finest oils, powders, gums, and resins, Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense is a special blend of natural herbs, resins, flowers and oils, hand-rolled to perfection. Its rich earthy fragrance will enhance any environment, and it is often used for meditation. Each stick is about a gram, and burns for 45 minutes.