Turkeys From Oryana

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Oryana has a variety of turkeys from which to choose, in different sizes and pricing. Fresh turkeys available starting Saturday, November 19.

Duerksen Turkey $3.59/lb – FRESH & Frozen, Non-GMO feed, Chemical, Antibiotic, Hormone freefree range in green pastures in Mancelona, Mich.

Organic Prairie Turkey $3.99/lb – Frozen, free-ranged turkeys raised with 100% organic feed, hormone & antibiotic-free, up to 14lb in size.

Mary’s Organic Turkey $5.99/lb – Frozen, free-ranged raised with 100% organic feed.

Ferndale Turkey $1.99/lb – Frozen, free-ranged, raised without antibiotics, naturally processed, from Wisconsin

About Duerksen Turkey

Sue & Rick Duerksen

Our neighbors in Mancelona, Rick and Sue Duerksen, have been raising free-range turkeys for over 40 years. After the young Duerksen birds have all their feathers, they are free to roam outdoors all season on grassy pastures that are never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides. Turkeys that dine on green pastures vs. grain-fed conventionally-raised turkeys produce conjugated linoleic acid, (CLA) a fatty acid with many health benefits. 

The Duerksens process the birds onsite ensuring absolute freshness from field to table. All the care that the Duerksens put into their birds results in a truly superior tasting turkey.