Tips for Shopping the Co-op

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Here are some tips to make your shopping trips more enjoyable.

  1. Sign up for our weekly e-news for sales and specials. 
  2. Pick up a co-op flyer for sale items for additional savings (located at all entrances of the co-op).
  3. Find Co-op Deals coupons on favorite products throughout the store.
  4. Have your coupons ready when you check out.
  5. Do returns at the Customer Service counter before you shop so you can have a store credit or cash refund for your purchase.
  6. Call ahead to place your café order. 10th St. cafe direct line: (231) 346-2852
  7. All café grab-and-go items can be purchased at any register if there is a line at the café register.
  8. Have your owner card or number ready for your cashier. 
  9. If you bring in your own grocery bags please have them easily accessible upon approaching check-out for our front end team to bag for you.
  10. Parking on 10th St. can be challenging on busy days at the co-op. We are happy to hold your groceries and deliver them to you at the south entrance.


The quietest times to shop are early mornings and weekdays during the school year between 2 and 5 pm, except Wednesdays, and two hours before closing. Please allow enough time so you can complete your shopping before closing time. 

Q: What if I have to park far away (at 10th St?) How can I get my groceries to my car?

A: We are happy to hold your groceries for you and deliver them to the curb at the south entrance.

Q: Help! I’m on my lunch break but there’s a long line at the cafe register.

A: You can bring your grab ‘n’ go items to the front registers.