The Wonders of Kefir

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What is kefir?

Kefir is fermented milk (although you could use other liquids such as coconut water.) It looks like a runny yogurt and has a tangy flavor similar to plain yogurt.

Why should you drink kefir?

Kefir has all the great health benefits of yogurt and much more. Kefir is loaded with probiotics, as many as 25 different strains, along with protein and calcium. It's easy to digest and can be an important component of a healthy diet that includes plenty of fermented foods. Kefir can help boost your immune system, helps treat digestive disorders such as IBS, gastritis, and pancreatitis, helps eliminate candida, and has a whole host of other benefits. It is truly a healing super food. More nutritional info…

How do you make kefir?


Kefir is made by combining kefir grains (see below) with milk (or other liquid.) The mixture is allowed to sit at room temperature for 24 – 48 hours (depending on room temperature,) and the kefir is then strained. The grains are saved to be used again. They can be used many, many times, similar to a kombucha "mother."

What are kefir grains?

You need a culture to make kefir, which comes in the form of “grains.” Kefir grains have nothing to do with real grains such as wheat or barley, this is simply the name they go by. Kefir grains look like white, semi-clear cauliflower florets. They are a combination of yeasts and bacteria, along with some sugars and proteins. Oryana sells kefir grains in the dairy cooler. (You can also buy ready made kefir, which is located by the yogurts.) The grains proliferate the more kefir you make and you can give away your extra grains.

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