The Magic of Wild Mushrooms

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If you are not familiar with the vast array of healing properties of medicinal mushrooms, let us introduce you to this topic. Our ancestors have been turning to mushrooms for their healing effects since ancient times. Indigenous peoples of North America used puffball mushrooms and desert shaggy manes as wound healers. Hippocrates (450 BC) utilized amadou fungi as a potent anti-inflammatory and for cauterizing wounds. Ötzi, the Ice Man, who lived nearly 5300 years ago and was discovered in 1991 on a glacier in the Italian Alps, carried amadou in his pouch.

Although fungi have long been used by various cultures, it’s only relatively recently that modern science “discovered” what the ancients knew long ago, that mushrooms can unlock the potential of powerful medicines. Among many other benefits, mushrooms show great promise in treating cancer. Fortunately, you do not need to forage in the woods to find healing fungi.

Oryana carries a great selection of mushroom products in capsule, tea, tincture, beverage, and powder formulas. Here are just a few of the many mushroom products that we carry:

  • Reishi are one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms in the world. They’re helpful in the treatment of viral infections and also used to treat liver & kidney diseases, pulmonary diseases, and cancer. Reishi also helps build strength & stamina.
  • Turkey Tail mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, contain immune boosting components, have antitumor properties, contain prebiotics making them gut-healthy, and have anti-bacterial qualities. They are truly super power mushrooms.
  • Chaga, which grows in our local Michigan forests, boasts healing properties including reducing inflammation and lowering cholesterol & blood sugar levels. Our local vendor, Great Lakes Treats, sells chaga chunks for tea making.
  • Hen of the Woods, or maitake, is another major healing mushroom with numerous medicinal properties. Several studies have demonstrated its antitumor, immunomodulation, blood glucose balancing, and antioxidant effects, among many others.