The Gift of Local

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Whether you’re shopping for your family, friends, or co-workers, a locally-made gift will always be appreciated, (especially if it’s edible!) Oryana has a great selection of local products including wine, coffee, tea, chocolate, honey, energy bars, nut butters, jams, beauty and wellness products, and many more.

Not only are you gifting practical items that people will really use and enjoy, you are promoting our local economy, rather than sending your dollars to a faraway city where CEOs and shareholders will benefit. This holiday season, shop LOCAL, and stop at Oryana for the largest selection in town.

Let us make a local gift basket for you!

Local products you can find at Oryana

  • Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate
  • Naturally Nutty nut butters
  • Higher Grounds Coffee
  • Roaster Jack coffee
  • Bear Earth Herbal teas
  • Light of Day organic teas
  • K & E Delectible edibles maple syrup
  • Grand Traverse Culinary Oils & Pasta
  • Dog Bakery dog biscuits
  • The Redheads grocery products
  • Erg! energy bars
  • Sleeping Bear Farms honey
  • Champion Hill Farm honey
  • Food for Thought jams and sauces
  • Brownwood Acres
  • Omena Organics dried fruit
  • Cherry Works cherry concentrate
  • Creation Farm essential oils, creams, lotions
  • Sanatio
  • Fishcreek Soapworks
  • Aberlin Essentials soap
  • Tandem Ciders hard cider
  • St. Ambrose Cellars mead
  • Fish Creek Soap
  • Wildflower Soap
  • Bee Joyful Soap
  • My CBD
  • Alchemy Farms flower & rose salt

Local Wines

  • Chateau Grand Traverse
  • Bonobo Winery
  • Verterra Winery
  • Mawby Vinyards
  • Left Food Charley
  • Black Star Farms
  • Ciccone Vinyards
  • Shady Lane
  • Chateau Chantal