The Dollars and Cents of Ownership

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Have you thought about becoming an owner of Oryana? By spending $20 to become an owner, you are investing in a business that is deeply rooted in our community and gives back in many ways. Oryana makes hundreds of donations per year, sponsors community events, offers micro loans to local farmers and food producers, purchases product from over 100 local farmers and vendors, and pays fair wages and excellent benefits to over 110 employees, to name a few our community-oriented initiatives. 

But check out how you can hypothetically earn that $20 investment back quickly. (Note: This is just an example. Some discounts will vary based on purchases. Patronage rebates are assessed annually and are not guaranteed. Read more about patronage here.)


Sign up for an Oryana cooking class and get a $5 discount


Patronize one of our community partners and get 5 or 10% off goods and services


Shop on just one quarterly Owner Appreciation Day and get 10% off


Get 5% off 6 times per year at the transaction of your choice


Buy a whole case of your favorite product and get 10 – 25% off


Patronage rebate based on how much you spent the previous year

$65 Total (Hypothetical) Amount Returned to You!

Signing up is easy! You can sign up at Customer Service or at any register and start receiving your benefits immediately. You will automatically receive 10% off you can use right away!