Terracyle is back!

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Terracyle bins have returned to the east entrance at Oryana 10th St. (A big thanks to our local Girl Scout troop for organizing!) Terracyle accepts products that most other recyclers will not. Here’s what you can drop off. (PDF list of items)

  • writing instruments: pens, markers, mechanical pencils
  • empty glue sticks
  • watercolor dispensers
  • paint sets
  • flexible packaging

All brands of skincare packaging

  • lip balm tubes and caps
  • soap dispensers/tubes
  • body wash caps
  • lotion dispensers and caps
  • stick deodorant containers

All brands of cosmetic packaging

  • lipstick cases/lip gloss tubes/lip liner pencils
  • mascara tubes
  • eye shadow cases/tubes
  • bronzer cases
  • foundation packaging
  • powder cases
  • eyeliner pencils
  • concealer tubes/sticks

All brands of blades and razors

  • systems and disposable units
  • replaceable blade cartridge units
  • handles and blades
  • razor packaging – rigid and flexible plastic

All brands of oral care products

  • toothbrushes and packaging (NO electric toothbrushes or parts)
  • toothpaste tubes, caps, packaging
  • floss containers
  • mouthwash containers

All brands of snack pouches

  • like GoGo Squeez

Late July Chip bags

  • Late July (unfortunately ONLY this brand)

We are no longer taking granola bar wrappers. That program was discontinued.