Superior Fresh Salmon

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Our Meat & Seafood department at West stocks fresh salmon from Superior Fresh in Wisconsin. This is a premium farmed fish produced in an ecologically responsible manner through an efficient, productive closed loop system.

The fish live in fresh water that feeds a system of USDA certified organic leafy greens, which feed on the fish water, then the cleaned water returns to the fish. The salmon eat only organic food and receive no antibiotics. Testing shows that this farmed salmon carries twice the omega-3s as other farmed fish.

Our Meat & Seafood department manager John paid a visit to Superior Seafood last year and was very impressed by the operation. “The salmon are fed an all organic, non-GMO diet, they never get antibiotics or pesticides, and are high in omega 3, similar to a local salmon,” said John.” He noted that the company is the world’s largest aquaponic farm. It’s also BAP (best aquaculture practices) certified, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program grades the salmon “Best Choice.”

John’s favorite way to prepare salmon is to broil it with a light glaze of honey.