Summer Gathering Planner

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How much food do you need?

Use this handy chart to help you figure out how much food to purchase for your celebration or family gathering.

Make your celebration easy with food from the co-op. Get the fresh, raw ingredients or skip the work and pick up delicious, ready-made deli foods from both our cafes.

Grilled, marinated chicken breasts
BBQ pork, chicken or tofu
Meat, tofu or seafood kebabs
Burgers, sausages, hot dogs
Potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad
Baked beans
Green salad
Grilled vegetables
Fruit salad
Cake, cookies, brownies, bars
Rolls, bread
Chips, crackers, pretzels
Vegetable, cheese and relish trays
Hummus, dips, spreads
Cheese board

Did you know Oryana 10th St. offers catering? Check out the catering menu.