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Taking a multivitamin supplement may be your best resolution

Every New Year we make our resolutions and set goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. But by the end of the first month, for a lot of us, the excitement, the plans, and the memberships have dissipated due to the busyness of demanding life schedules.

As we move toward finding more balance with nutrition, exercise, and supplementation, perhaps we will no longer require one month of the year to make such harsh declarations; perhaps we will utilize the entire year to organically maintain our overall health nutritionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally more progressively.

We all strive for balance as we try to eat the right foods, exercise, and get enough sleep. We try to navigate through our lives with as little stress as possible, however it is inevitable that we find ourselves stressed out from time to time, and lacking in nutrition on just a few hours of sleep. This can place our bodies in a state of needing a little bit more by way of vitamin and mineral supplementation, and a multi-vitamin can offer this in a balanced way.

Balance is so often the key to what we all need a little more of in our lives, and one of the best ways to supplement in a balanced manner is with a multi-vitamin.

What’s so great about multivitamins?

  • Multi-vitamin supplements can assist in increasing our overall wellness, and offer a base for our personal supplementation program.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D can aid bone health and immunity
  • B Vitamins can increase energy and aid in neurological functions
  • Magnesium can assist in reducing migraine discomfort and relaxing the entire body
  • Antioxidants can kill free-radicals, possibly warding off certain cancers
  • Vitamin C and Zinc both positively enhance immune function.

Multi-vitamins offer these supplements in a balanced way, and these are just a few of the benefits a multi-vitamin offers. There are some that offer medicinal mushrooms and ayurvedic herbs as well. Many of the multi-vitamins we carry are organic, with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients; they are food-based, and/or non-GMO, without fillers, artificial colors or additives.

As you continuously attempt to balance your life and keep up with good nutrition, stress reduction, maintain good sleep and energy, incorporating a high-quality multi-vitamin in your daily routine may help. Come on in, find the one that works for you, and most importantly, take it!

Let’s make a resolution to keep the resolution. Let’s make it a goal to mindfully maintain an overall balanced and healthy lifestyle, making alternations and upgrades as needed for optimal health that will last a lifetime.