Plastic Free July

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It’s Plastic Free July and we have some tips on how to reduce your plastic usage at the co-op!

  • Use your own bags and jars for bulk! Just remember to have your jars and heavier containers weighed at a register before you fill them to get their tare weight!
  • BYO produce bags (or don’t use a bag at all)! Reusable produce baggies are a great option for leafy greens or produce that doesn’t already come in a natural wrapper. Find reusable produce bags in the home goods section of our wellness department!
  • Look for plastic free product alternatives to your favorite grocery items! Some easy swaps are peanut butter in a glass jar, sticks of butter, choosing loose produce instead of pre-packaged, and menstrual cups!

Plastic Free July developed this handy calendar with 31 Days of Plastic Free Choices to share some popular ideas and switches to reduce plastic waste.

What are some of your favorite ways to reduce plastic at the grocery store?