Plant Based Guide to Summer

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It is very easy these days to enjoy a wide variety of plant based snacks and meals due to the increase in availability of high quality options. Oryana carries the best selection in town of vegan foods. Stop in and peruse our large selection of vegan yogurts, milks, cheeses, desserts, snacks, entrees, and cafe products. Here are just a few items to put on your radar.

Plant Snacks Vegan Cheddar Cassava Root Chips
Super crunchy grain-free, gluten-free, and vegan snack perfect for summer road trips or everyday munching.

Sir Kensington’s Classic Fabanaise
A delicious egg-free mayo made with chickpea water. Lovely in potato salad and sandwiches and to make dips and dressings.

Ithaca Cold Crafted Fresh Lemon Beet Hummus
Made with cold pressure instead of heat pasteurization to keep ingredients raw and nutritious. Delicious with fresh, seasonal veggies or crackers.

Beyond Meat Burger Patties
Plant based burgers for your summer grilling that have a texture similar to beef burgers. Made with pea and rice protein. Contains no GMOs, no soy, and no gluten. Also comes in bratwurst “sausages.”

Wink plant-based frozen desserts
Delicious, frozen summer dessert made with pea protein and sweetened with stevia. A whole pint contains only 100 calories! Vegan and gluten-free deliciousness. A great way to cool down!

Dandies All Natural Vanilla Marshmallows
These marshmallows contain no gelatin and are great for making s’mores in your backyard or beach fires. They are nice and fluffy like “regular” marshmallows. Go find your perfect stick for roasting them!

Tasty Bites Heat and Eat Entrees
Camping or road tripping this summer? Pack a few Tasty Bite pouches for quick, filling, and zesty meals away from home. Tasty Bites also makes cooked rice in pouches to go with your mains.