180 Days of School Lunches

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There are 180 days of school, which means, your kids will need 180 lunches during the school year! Here are a few tips for getting organized and making the task of sending lunch to school a bit easier.

  1. Decide what equipment you want to use. Standard lunchbox? Insulated bag? Bento box? This will help inform what you pack inside. You’ll also need smaller containers, a bottle for liquid, cutlery, etc.
  2. Decide what time you will make lunches. In the morning? The night before? Maybe you like prepping several days or week’s worth of lunches in one sitting?
  3. Maximize prep time: when you’re making dinner and cutting up veggies, take a few extra minutes to also cut up veggies for lunch boxes. Boil some eggs, pre-portion nuts & dried fruit, cut up cheese cubes, etc. while you’re working on dinner.
  4. Find out about allergies: ask the school if there are any foods that are not allowed due to allergies.
  5. Follow a basic formula: Decide on a formula such as protein + carb + vegetable + fruit, or whatever works for you and your child. Have plenty of options on hand so it’s not the same thing day after day.
  6. Have emergency meals ready: some days you will run out of time or realize you forgot to grocery shop. Have something in the freezer or cupboard that you can pull out and assemble at a moment’s notice. Or have your child buy lunch at school.