Our Kitchens are Cooking for You This Thanksgiving!

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Our kitchens are cooking for you! Need a little help or running out of time? Here’s what we have to help you out. We make everything from scratch using mostly organic and some local ingredients:

Easy night before dinner

  • take and bake pizza (10th St)
  • hot pizza (West)
  • hotbar entrees and soups (10th)
  • heat and eat entrees and sides (West)

Breakfast on Thanksgiving Day

  • Heat and eat whole or half quiche: broccoli cheddar, ham cheddar, Greek spinach, wheat free Greek spinach
  • bagels, scones, muffins

The Main Event

Pick up your sides, homemade baked goods, and turkey, vegan, and wheat free dinner plates from 10th St. Delicious sides as well as roast turkey with fixings available at West.

A little Something Vegan

Available at 10th St:

  • vegan gravy
  • vegan mashed potatoes
  • vegan herb stuffing
  • vegan cranberry relish
  • flavored tofu: smokin’, sesame ginger, Thai curry
  • vegan, GF flaxseed dinner rolls

Sweet endings

  • Pies, whole, half, and mini: cherry, apple, pecan, triple berry
  • cake rolls: harvest apple, pumpkin, chocolate mocha mint
  • cookies, brownies, bars