Oryana Holiday Catering

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Let Oryana help you with your holiday meal planning!

Relax and let Oryana do the cooking! Enjoy a worry-free holiday gathering with our ready-to-go side dishes and baked goods, all made in-house from the highest quality, mostly organic ingredients. Just heat, eat, and enjoy!

10th St.

Holiday Plates & Sides

To preorder holiday plates and sides from 10th St. stop by Customer Service or call 947-0191.

Traditional  $19.99
Local Duerksen Farms roast turkey, sweet potato casserole, classic mashed potatoes, sage stuffing, home-style turkey gravy, green beans, cranberry orange relish, dinner roll.

Wheat-Free  $20.99
Same as traditional, but with herb stuffing, gravy and dinner roll made from wheat-free ingredients.

Vegan  $18.99
Tofu Turkey, vegan sweet potato casserole, vegan mashed potatoes, green beans, herb stuffing, cranberry relish, “no turkey” gravy, vegan dinner roll.

Classic Side Dishes

Sweet Potato Casserole $11.99/lb
Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole $11.99/lb
Classic Mashed Potatoes $5.99/lb
Vegan Mashed Potatoes $5.99/lb
Green Beans Almondine $11.99/lb
Cider Glazed Root Vegetables $11.99/lb
Traditional Sage Stuffing $9.99/lb
Herb Stuffing with vegan ingredients $8.99/lb
Herb Stuffing with wheat-free ingredients $10.99/lb
Cranberry Orange Relish $12.29/lb
Turkey Gravy 8 fl oz $4.00 ea
Turkey Gravy (with wheat-free ingredients) 8 fl oz $4.00 ea
Vegan “No Turkey” Gravy 8 fl oz $3.00 ea


Classic Sides & turkey, Dinner for 2 or 4

Turkey and sides by the pound

Roast turkey breast         $8.99
Smoked turkey breast     $8.99
Herbed turkey breast      $8.99
Pan gravy                           $6.99
Traditional stuffing           $6.99
Scalloped potatoes           $9.99
Mashed potatoes              $6.99
Green bean almondine     $7.99
Roasted Brussel sprouts   $10.99
Cranberry sauce                $6.99
Sweet potato casserole    $7.99

Dinner for four $59.99

16 oz Herbed turkey breast
8 oz pan gravy
8 oz cranberry sauce
12 oz traditional stuffing
16 oz. green bean almondine
4 dinner rolls

Dinner for two   $ 29.99

8 oz Herbed turkey breast
4 oz pan gravy
4 oz cranberry sauce
8 oz traditional stuffing
8 oz. green bean almondine
2 dinner rolls

Holiday Desserts

Pick up a delicious homemade pie or other special holiday dessert from Oryana 10th. Made with mostly organic ingredients, including wheat, wheat-free, and vegan options. Check and see what’s in the dessert case.