Oryana Staff Visits Badger Body Care

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Our West Wellness Department Manager Rachel, along with Wellness Associate Sheila, were offered the opportunity to travel to the woods of New Hampshire to visit Badger Body Care for a personal tour. The trip was a gift from Badger in recognition of the high sales volume and excellent merchandising of Badger products over at West. The two had a wonderful visit and shared a few photos and highlights of the trip.

The found of Badger, Bill Whyte, greeted Rachel, Sheila, and our local & regional sales representatives at the Badger production complex. One thing that stuck with Rachel is when Bill used the phrase, “Fuel the fire,” referring to the fact that Badger’s main objective is not about profit, but about making a great product as sustainably as possible in order to help people and the environment. They are a mission-driven and family-owned company. A good example of Badger’s commitment to sustainability is that they are one of the first sunscreen manufacturers to attain the Protect Land + Sea certification. This new seal verifies that a sunscreen product does not contain any ingredients considered harmful to coral reef environments, sea turtles, and other aquatic life. 

Rachel described the impressive setting of the business: “The whole manufacturing and warehouse site is timber framed with knotty pine sourced from the land. There is natural light that streams into the warehouse, with peeks of the treetops visible from inside.”

Rachel was also impressed when she saw that almost everything was made from wood, including the picking bins, packing tables, and the “Badger Dens” aka cubicles.

Badger sources raw materials from all over the world. They make sure everything is ethically-sourced, organic and free-trade. All of their olive oil comes from an organic biodynamic farm in Spain where some of the trees are over 900 years old and still producing great olives!

Rachel also commented on the working conditions: “They haven’t had much turnover, and the staffing shortage has not affected them in the least. They are all part of a family, in fact they have childcare on site, a gym, and a napping room. My biggest take home point was not only does Badger walk the walk, but they go above and beyond for Planet and People. Plus, they are 100% solar powdered! Their values really line up with Oryana’s values.”

Congats to Rachel and Sheila and the whole West Wellness staff for a job well done! And thanks to Badger for hosting our staff at their wonderful facility.