New Year’s Day Breakfast

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New Year’s Eve gets all the attention when it comes to celebrating the year’s end with food and drink. If you’ve stayed up past midnight and don’t feel like putting forth too much effort for the first meal of 2023, take a cue from Europe and plan a relaxed and low effort morning meal with a simple but elegant buffet.

Breakfast on weekdays in many European countries tends to be a simple affair, i.e. coffee and a roll, but on the weekend it’s not uncommon to see a more elaborate spread. Many higher end European hotels are renowned for their beautiful, abundant, and fresh breakfast smorgasbord offerings, in contrast to typical bland American motel and hotel breakfasts.

Here are some of the breakfast components that you may see on a breakfast buffet if you travel to Europe:

  • Muesli, granola, or cereal with milk or yogurt
  • Variety of breads, rolls, pretzels, pastries. Our spread includes rolls, croissants (of course!), cinnamon bread, and dark rye bread.
  • Variety of jams, jellies, fruit butter, honey, Nutella (you will not find peanut butter!)
  • Fresh fruit
  • Variety of sliced cold cuts, smoked salmon, and cheeses
  • Eggs: in Germany eggs are enjoyed soft boiled and served in egg cups, but hard boiled eggs are great too.
  • And of course, coffee, cappuccino, espresso, tea, etc.

How do you say ‘breakfast’ in….

Germany – Frühstück
Spain – El desayuno
France – Le petit-déjeuner
Italy – Colazione
Belgium – Ontbijten
Poland – Śniadanie