New Cultured Kombucha

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Presenting a new flavor of Cultured Kombucha on tap, made especially for Oryana, Lavender Lemonade! We call it the “Oryana Blend.”

Cultured Kombucha is made right here in Traverse City using certified organic ingredients. Our kombucha dispenser also features 5 other delicious flavors from Cultured Kombucha.

Courtney Lorenz is the founder of Cultured Kombucha Co., Northern Michigan’s first kombucha tea brewery. Courtney enjoys sharing the health benefits reaped from living foods. She believes that each body is unique, deserving to be happy, healthy, and filled with joy. Courtney’s background in nutrition and culinary arts drives her to foster healing and wellness within the community through education, agronomy, and functional nutrition.

“What began as a hobby to better myself transformed into a calling to share the knowledge and the resources I have with others. Kombucha is not only a passion, but a greater purpose that continues to enliven joy within me every day.” ~ Courtney, Fulfillament Stories