Natural Way Cheese

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Oryana is pleased to bring in a new Michigan cheese vendor, Natural Way Cheese, from Clare, Michigan. Natural Way Cheese is unique because it’s made with milk from A2-A2 cows, which is more digestible for people who are lactose intolerant. The company also uses low heat pasteurization. This method is a longer process, but results in a more flavorful product that retains beneficial enzymes while still destroying harmful bacteria.

Natural Way Cheese was established to provide a way for small Amish dairy farmers to make a profit. Many dairy farms are forced to leave the industry because it is no longer financially viable. According to Dairy Herd Management, 13% of licensed dairy farms in Michigan closed in 2018, which amounts to more than 200 farms. Small family farms in the Clare area provide the milk to Natural Way. The cows, typically from 10-20 cows total, enjoy pastures and non-gmo feed.

Natural Way makes a delicious variety of cheeses including cheddar (plain, and in numerous flavors,) mozzarella, cheese curds, muenster, jack, and Colby. You can find Natural Way Cheese at both Oryana locations.

Fun Fact: This Amish-run cheese operation is entirely off-grid and uses a wood-fired boiler for heat and hot water.