Meet Our Local Vendors – Rice Centennial Farm

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Rice Centennial Farm in Benzonia was founded in 1905 and raises high quality beef. The farm meets the standards for the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP), a voluntary program which ensures that farmers are operating as environmentally friendly as possible.

To be designated centennial, a farm must have at least 10 acres that have been continuously farmed by the same family for 100 years or more. Eight generations of the Rice family have been on the 80 acre farm, and Randy Rice is the current farmer tending the land and cattle. There are currently 18 certified centennial farms in Benzie County.

The farm’s beef is free-range; the animals roam the hills and dine on lush grass all summer. They have access to the outdoors in winter as well if they so choose and drink spring-fed water. Rice farm beef is the highest quality, raised with great care, and is free of any pesticides, growth hormones, or steroids.