Mask Update

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Oryana was quick to require masks at the beginning of the pandemic and is being very intentional as things start to open back up.

As you know, the CDC’s recommendations and the State Health Department mandates have changed to allow those vaccinated (and other exceptions) to forgo face coverings inside buildings. This has been creating pressure on staff and escalating unpleasant and unsafe conditions which we cannot allow. 

Consequently, Oryana will be changing our Mask Policy effective Friday, May 28. We will follow the State’s guidance and install signage to advise shoppers that the State of Michigan requires masks unless an individual is covered by one of the exceptions – such as being fully vaccinated. In short, Oryana will no longer allow staff to contend with these confrontations and unsafe confrontations. 

Oryana staff will not confront those without masks based on the State guidance and will assume customers have read our signage and are fully vaccinated or under another exception. We will also not tolerate unfair treatment of our staff or other customers of any kind. This has been a trying time for all of us and we are all deserving of kindness and grace.

We thank those of you who have abided by our policies throughout and been kind to our staff who have had to work so hard to keep everyone safe and well-served. I would so appreciate if you would extend your gratitude to them when you are in our stores.

Steve Nance, Oryana General Manager