Make a Beautiful Cheese Board

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If you’re entertaining a crowd and need an easy solution to feeding them, a cheese board is the way to go! You can make it festive and abundant using a variety of nibbles and bites to go with the cheese. Make it colorful with sliced fresh fruit or veggies, include some nice jam and/or tangy mustard, add some nuts, olives, crackers, meat, and a bit of greenery for accent, and you’re done!

Our cheeseboard features 2 local cheeses, nuts and olives from our bulk section, a couple dried meats, and crackers. To build your cheese board, place the cheese on your board first, and then arrange everything else around the cheese.

Cheese featured on our board

LOCAL – Leelanau Cheese French Style Fromage Blanc

LOCAL – Idyll Farms Goat Milk Camembert

Aged Leicestershire

Clawson Crimson Wensleydale with Dried Sweetened Cranberries

Tupperary Aged Cheddar