Make a Beautiful Cheese Board

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This cheeseboard features two local cheeses, nuts and olives from our bulk section, a couple dried meats, and crackers.

If you’re entertaining and need something easy to put together, a cheese board is the way to go! You can make it festive and abundant using a variety of nibbles and bites to go with the cheese. Make it colorful with sliced fresh fruit or veggies, include some nice jam and/or tangy mustard, add some nuts, olives, crackers, meat, and a bit of greenery for accent, and you’re done!

Tips for Building a Cheeseboard

  • Choose 3-5 different cheeses
  • Display the cheeses different ways – spears, wedges, cubes, etc.
  • Bring the cheeses to room temperature before serving 
  • Choose a platter that’s big enough and won’t crowd your cheeses
  • Place the cheese on your board first, and then arrange everything else around the cheese.
  • Use a cheese plane for semi-hard cheeses and a sharp knife for harder cheeses. Cheese knives available at the West cheese counter.
  • Add some cured meats, small pickles, olives, and something sweet like dried fruit, candied nuts, or fruit jam.
  • Add some nice garnishes like fresh parsley or rosemary sprigs or small kale leaves.