Let the Cheese Madness Begin!

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What is Cheese Madness?

Every spring, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) holds its big basketball tournament, March Madness. We decided to get in on the fun with a cheesy co-op spin! Cheese Madness is our blind bracket contest for cheese lovers! (And sports fans too!)

Our cheese mongers have put together a bracket of 16 cheeses that will compete against each other. We invite members and shoppers to fill out a bracket, guessing which cheese will be the shopper favorite and tournament Cheese Champion. (See sample bracket below.) You have until March 14 to turn in your bracket, and then cheese sampling and voting will run March 15 – 30 at both stores. Pick up a cheese bracket at either Customer Service desk. You can fill out more than one bracket, and everyone, whether they filled out a bracket or not, is welcome to sample and vote on cheeses.

One correct bracket (or the bracket that comes the closest) will win the grand prize. If there is more than one accurate bracket, a winner be randomly drawn among those brackets. The winner will receive a beautiful charcuterie-themed gift basket! We will announce the winner on April 4. Good luck!

Cheese Madness Timeline

February 29 – March 14 Fill out and return your bracket
March 15 – 30 Daily cheese match-up sampling and voting
March 31 The winning cheese is determined
April 4 Winner will be announced