Keep Bugs at Bay

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With the weather warming up and spring rains greening everything up, mosquitos, ticks, and black flies are joining us in our outdoor adventures. Stop by Oryana and pick up some Buzz Away, a plant-based insect repellent that is DEET-free.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), products containing DEET should be used with caution. “It can irritate the eyes and in intense doses it may induce neurological damage. In very rare cases, DEET has been reported to impair the nervous system, which most often occurs after exposure to high concentrations of the chemical. In addition, DEET gives off a distinct odor, and can damage plastic, rubber and vinyl on clothing, backpacks, glasses, watches and cameras.”

Buzz Away, a mosquito & tick repellent, is a great alternative to DEET repellents; it’s non greasy and is made with a variety of strong scented oils like geranium, citronella, and cedar wood. It’s available in pump sprays and towelettes.

If you do happen to suffer some insect bites, we also carry numerous products to soothe the bites and help stop the itching. Some good home remedies for soothing insect bites are baking soda paste, chamomile tea, witch hazel, and apple cider vinegar.