Holiday Wines For You

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Get your holidays off to a perfect start with a few great wines from Oryana. Our knowledgeable wine buyers ensured that the selection of holiday wines is not only high quality and eclectic, but reasonably priced as well. There is something for everyone, from local sparkling and white wines to seasonal Italian reds and whites. (Bonus: Save 10% off whenever you purchase 6 or more bottles of wine!)

  • Especially for Christmas, presenting Buon Natale: Italian Christmas Red, Italian Christmas White, and an Italian Christmas Asti. Extremely reasonably priced at $10.99 and $14.99 respectively. (At West only)
  • Louis Jadot Beaujolais Village, an excellent red blend that pairs well with holiday meats and sides.
  • Don’t forget dry white wines! Chardonnays, Pinot Grigios, and Sauvignon Blancs are all excellent choices to pair with holiday dinners. We have great local choices for dry whites such as Shady Lanes Riesling and Pinot Gris.
  • Mawby Oryana Special Edition Bubbly, A La Fois – Mawby made a batch of bubbly just for Oryana to commemorate our 50th anniversary and we are getting down to our final few cases; it’s an excellent bubbly and we highly recommend to anyone looking for bubbly for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years. Also makes great Mimosas. (Mawby’s Sex is also a reliable and delicious sparkling wine for festive evening.)
  • Lyle Thomas Pinot Noir pairs well with roast turkey, mushroom dishes, and brie, gouda & manchego cheeses.
  • Cloudline Pinot Noir – also an excellent accompaniment to holiday roasts and meats, cheeses, and seafood.
  • Domaine Bousquet Chardonnay – a lovely selection from Argentina, light bodied (no oakiness), pairs well with seafood and goat cheese
  • Riojana, a wine cooperative also in Argentina, makes exceptional wines at exceptional prices including cabernet, chardonnay, pinot, malbec, and rose. Stock up for the holidays.
  • Don’t forget all our products from local wineries including Good Harbor Vineyard, Black Star Farms, Bowers Harbor Vineyard, 2 Lads Winery, Chateau Grand Traverse, Left Food Charley, and Bel Lago.