Happy Easter from Oryana

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Celebrate Easter Sunday with healthy food from Oryana

Many of our favorite Easter traditions, although not in the Bible, have been around for generations. For example, the Easter bunny came to America by German immigrants with their stories of an egg-laying hare. Rabbits, which are known to be prolific procreators, are a perfect symbol of fertility and new life. Eggs are also an ancient symbol of new life. And the traditional Easter ham has its roots in paganism.

Quiche for Easter Breakfast

A homemade quiche made with organic ingredients is the perfect centerpiece for Easter brunch. Spring Leek & Ham, Greek Spinach Tomato, and other assorted flavors. Available in wheat and gluten-free crusts. Look for them in the deli case.
Party platter menu (48 hours notice) >





Garrett Valley Spiral Sliced Ham

Garrett Valley ham is all-natural and contains no nitrates/nitrites. Delicious and perfect for your Easter table.





Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

If you're going to color eggs with your kids, why not try using veggies and other foods rather than commercial dye. Here’s how to do it…

Or you can purchase our kit from Eco-Eggs. The dyes are made with fruit and vegetable extracts. The kit comes with 3 primary colors and a color chart to create more colors.



Easter Chocolate

We have a nice variety of Sjaak’s vegan chocolate for everyone's Easter basket…chocolate eggs and bunnies. We have organic jelly beans too.




Beeswax Egg Candles

Sunbeam 100% pure beeswax and an unbleached, lead-free cotton wick. What did the egg say to the famer? You crack me up! For the egg lover and Easter basket.