Game Day Snacking Guide

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Check out some of our favorite game-worthy products to keep you fueled throughout the biggest sports event of the year! These will carry you at least through the half time show…

Dips Galore

So many dips, including house made and vegan…how will you even choose?

Meatballs & Nuggets (frozen/GF)

Just pop these in the oven for a quick, hot snack.

Feel Good Foods Eggrolls (frozen)

So delicious and great for everyone. Crunchy and flavorful.

Alternative Chips

Even though we have plenty of ‘regular’ potato chips, shake up your selection with veggie, alternative grain, and bean chips.

Cabot Sliced Cheese

We love these snack-sized cheese slices, just perfect with crackers.

Stuffed Grape Leaves

You can’t go wrong with stuffed grape leaves.

Bulk Snacks

Mix and match, pick and choose your favorite roasted nuts, dried fruit, and candy from the bulk section. Some of our favorites shown here: chocolate pretzels, glazed roasted nuts, everything cashews, and milk chocolate peanut sundrops.