Food Trends for 2024

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Do you remember any of these food trends from the past?

1970s: cheese fondue, Hamburger Helper, poke cakes, quiche
1980s: sun-dried tomatoes, veal marsala, angel hair pasta, baked brie, pesto
1990s: tall food, hot pockets, fusion cuisine, Atkins diet
2000s: cupcakes, comfort food, South Beach diet, whole grains

Food trends come and go depending on factors like health concerns, new and popular flavors, corporate marketing, and convenience, to name just a few. It’s fascinating to observe the ever-changing culinary landscape and fun to predict upcoming fads and trends. Here at Oryana we are always keeping our eye on food trends and responding to member and customer requests. According to a few knowledgeable internet sources, here some food trends we can expect for 2024.

  1. Shoppers continue to be conscious of where their food comes from and how it was grown or raised. They are concerned about water conservation and they’ll be scrutinizing labels and discerning if a product underwent minimal processing.
  2. Vegetarian products and dishes that don’t mimic meat, but prominently feature veggies and grains will be highlighted. Impossible and Beyond Burgers are losing their appeal.
  3. Products made with buckwheat will be popular. Buckwheat has the added bonus of being nutritious and gluten-free.
  4. Solo dining. Restaurants will cater to single diners. No need to be sheepish about answering the question, “Just one?”
  5. Unique spicy peppers, interesting spicy combinations, such as spicy and sweet, zesty beverages, and hot condiments will excite shoppers and diners.
  6. We will indulge in expensive but small luxuries, special treats that we will be willing to splurge on, for an afternoon pick-me-up or just to treat ourselves.
  7. Mushrooms will continue to be popular, especially as an ingredient added to coffee. And fungi are still handy when it comes to meat substitutions.
  8. Plenty of dishes are going to be “Caesared,” i.e. Caesar broccoli, Caesar asparagus, etc.