Ferndale Market Turkey

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Ferndale Market was founded by Dale Peterson and his wife Fern in 1939 on some farmland in Cannon Falls, Minn. Ferndale came to be when the couple decided to name the farm after themselves by combining their first names. Through Dale’s studies in poultry science,  he learned the importance of raising free-range turkeys without antibiotics and processing without additives.  Today, the family carries on the traditions of Fern and Dale as the third generation to care deeply for the turkeys, land, and quality products that bear their name. Ferndale Market is also proud to partner with other local farms that also raise free-range, antibiotic-free, turkeys. These collaborative partnerships create more stability and can lead to a more resilient local food system.

When day-old baby turkeys arrive on Ferndale farms, they must be kept indoors at a balmy 98° F, but as they grow they are slowly introduced to the great outdoors. Once they are old enough, the chicks transition to a free-range environment with plenty of room to roam outdoors. As the birds mature, they are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and are fed a custom blend of food to help maintain their health. When it comes time to process, turkeys are humanely and naturally processed.