Feeding Guests with Special Dietary Needs

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Hosting out of town guests? Visiting guests have different tastes, and trying to figure out what everyone can eat may be challenging, confusing, and downright stressful at times. At Oryana, we’ll help make their visit comfortable and nutritious by offering a wide variety of foods for special diets. Some of your guests’ different tastes relate to common or not so common allergies, while others are based on values and morals. Whatever the preference, Oryana has you and your out-of-towner covered.

Where In the Store to Shop If They Have Allergies

Allergies and sensitivities can be tricky. Since allergies can be life-threatening and sensitivities irritating, they should both be taken seriously. For severe allergies, we do recommend sticking with packaged grocery products over bulk products. It will be the safest spot in the store since cross contamination can occasionally happen in the bulk section.

Food from Our Cafe

Our prepared foods team does an incredible job of preventing cross contamination, but if there is ever a chance for a life-threatening allergic reaction, stick with the middle of the store: packaged grocery and produce. In packaged grocery, we have many allergy-conscious products. We will even read labels with you in the aisle!

To Eat Out (Or Not)

When relatives and friends with different lifestyles are visiting, you may even wonder if you can eat out together at the same place and still enjoy the meal. Fear not, friends and owners, at Oryana we provide foods for all dietary needs and preferences! In our cafe, we have made-to-order sandwiches, wraps, salads, and burritos for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores, as well as wheat-free options.

We have many dietary inclusive compound salads, quinoa bowls, spring rolls, and much more in our deli-case. Lastly, our hot bar and soups are generally accessible for every belly. Can you believe we sold over 400,000 lbs of hot bar food last year alone? Numbers like that show we truly try to create a nutritious, clean, and delicious meal for all of our patrons. Whether you’re a last-minute shopper who is heading for the grab-and-go case, or a planner who wants to place a special order, prepared foods can help you out.

This season can be overwhelming with gifts, travel, obligations, and weather, but remember, you’re OUR guest as soon as you step through the co-op’s doors. With Oryana looking out for you and your family, you’ve got one less stressor during the holiday. After all, we’ve been providing for guests with different tastes since 1973.