Every Day is Earth Day

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At Oryana, we have always been looking at our operations through green-colored glasses. One of the 7 cooperative principles is ‘Concern for Community’ and we take this principle seriously. By being good stewards of our own immediate environment, we wish to foster a community spirit of environmental concern and be a green role model for other businesses.

Two important goals of ours are energy efficiency and ecological responsibility. One of the ways we have worked towards our goals is the Green Grocer Initiative. This initiative focuses on reducing our electric, water, and natural gas use, reducing or eliminating food waste, limiting waste from going to the landfill, and reusing all that we can.

Sustainable practices at Oryana

  • The co-op and our owners recycle over 100,000 lbs of materials per year
  • Our bulk section allows shoppers to reuse or minimize containers
  • Oryana provides fresh food to Food Rescue of NW Michigan, thus reducing food waste
  • Oryana maintains Terracyle bins, collecting difficult to recycle items such as toothbrushes, razor blades, and pens
  • Oryana offers community recycling bins at both store locations
  • Solar panels installed at 10th St and soon-to-be at West 
  • Run-off water reused from roof for irrigation at 10th St. 
  • We reclaim heat from our refrigeration systems to pre-heat water 
  • Solar hot water system, when on line, preheats domestic water system
  • Reused materials have been used in remodels
  • Green roof gazebo at 10t St. has plantings and soil that filter rain that is collected for irrigation
  • Solar light tubes at 10th placed throughout the building allow ambient light 
  • All lights have been converted to energy-saving LED 
  • Refrigeration motors and defrosters converted to high-efficiency  
  • Compactor balers allow us to recycle baled cardboard (and get paid!)  
  • Outside lights are on sensors or timers  
  • Our snow removal company at 10t St uses eco-friendly deicers 
  • Gardens on 10th St are focused on native plants 
  • South facing windows at 10th St treated to cut solar gain
  • Low flow toilets
  • Low VOC paints
  • We use compostable cups, cutlery, and containers in our cafe
  • Driveway at 10th St. is made from existing pulverized asphalt
  • We offer a 5% green transportation discount
  • Many shoppers bring their own bags and containers
  • We made the switch to a less toxic receipt at the cash registers and enjoy reduced costs on BPA/BPS-free register tape
  • Our produce roll plastic bags are made from 100% post-industrial recycled content, printed with water-based inks and are “Sustainable Green Product” accredited.  
  • We prioritize local, organic produce