Egg Prices Stable at Oryana

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To make food shopping even more of a challenge, the price of eggs at many grocery stores is currently much higher than normal. According to a quick internet search, this is happening mainly for one reason. Avian flu, also known as the bird flu, has sickened birds all over the country and many of them had to be culled. The cost of chicken feed has also risen, contributing to the issue. Costs are expected to remain high through the first quarter of 2023.

We are happy to report that egg prices at Oryana have not increased. Our eggs come from local and regional farms which have not been affected by avian diseases. Our egg farms are free-range and the birds live in healthy conditions. They dine on non-gmo feed and receive no antibiotics or hormones.

Tom Ramsey, Grocer Manager at 10th St, said, “I’m proud of Oryana’s commitment to working with local farmers and vendors, especially with the status of the egg market. Currently, we are not seeing a shortage or steep price increase due to the organic egg farms being less susceptible to disease outbreaks. This is a great example of how food co-ops are able to provide a high quality product at a fair price.”

The lowest cost eggs at Oryana are $3.99/dozen from Field Day, our value priced co-op brand. We have plenty of eggs in stock and are having no issues with supply.

Pristine Acres Farm, Missaukee County, Michigan